We're kickass non-profit event planners.

We create kickass events that support awesome organizations.

Plan your next fundraiser with up to $2,000 from our Party Fun-d. 


Proud supporters of organizations like...


We drive impact through epic events.

Just this year year alone, our events have raised thousands of dollars for awesome organizations like Planned Parenthood, Impact Founder and Rocky Mountain Ventures Club. 

By 2020, our vision is to help other amazing non-profits around the country build epic events and raise up to $1 million.

Read our entire 2020 vision document in full here







Dance like nobody is watching. 

Our #1 goal is to make the non-profits we support and the attendees we serve feel like total badasses. We do this by creating unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Dance your heart out. 


Become a leader in your community, create a badass event for your non-profit.

This year, we're giving away $10,000 to non-profits around the country who are trying to make a positive impact on diversity and inclusion in their community.

Our goal is to 10X our impact through these events, and to help these organizations raise over $100,000.